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Are You Looking For A Kick Start To BOOST YOUR Confidence That Guarantees You DROP At Least A Clothes Size?

You must stop and read to the bottom of the page. You're about to learn the secret about losing weight that most people will never know about!

5 Star Boot Camps has been designed to help women and men like yourself who work really hard in local gyms, with personal trainers, in exercise classes and running the streets, who are not seeing results they'd hoped for and want results fast.

At some point you have probably joined a gym, tried a few classes, done a few minutes on the treadmill you couldn't work and ignored by the fitness team. After all this you discovered you do not like gyms! You know you need to workout. Well it's time to action against your jelly belly!

If this sounds like you, then you must read on...

How would you like these benefits...

  • You Burn 5 hours worth of calories in less than 60 minutes. No need to do back to back classes like you do at your local gym!
  • You can go to any session morning or evening for of the best fat loss training in the UK. Come to any session, any time or day to rapidly develop a body you’re proud to show off but also high levels of athletic and sports performance if that’s what you’re after (if you just want to rip off body fat that’s fine!).
  • You have 20 of the most enthusiastic and motivated workout buddies, keeping you training hard and achieving more results. All of whom are just like you training for results.
  • Have Simple, EFFECTIVE workouts designed for ONLY rapid fat loss and increased fitness. Regardless of your size, ability or shape you will melt fat, get rid of stress and turbo charge your energy levels with the one of a kind routines.
  • You take part in the only program of its type that GUARANTEES RESULTS. Instead of the classes being a random selection of exercises, or just jogging around the streets, the format means you stay together and enjoy the workout regardless of your ability, and everyone benefits from a fantastic fat burning workout!


  • You train with leading personal trainers from across the UK with all your fat burning exercise needs taken care of in a friendly, fun, results focused environment.
  • Your Boot Camp Bible Diet Book - The most effective weight loss manual on the planet! Including what to eat and what not eat and why certain exercise routines won't do a thing for you.
  • 3 Boot Camp Friendly Recipe Books - Over 200 recipes to keep you on track and to make it really EASY!
  • Facebook Support Group - Where you can give and receive social support which is proven to help you in your success.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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This group of awesome like minded people, who are all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities are waiting for you to join them. Everyone has the same thing in common, wanting results but in a fun way.

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Went From A Size 16 To A 10!

Now addicted to bootcamp and is disappointed when she misses sessions!

Libby Lost 2 Stone!

Joined the 5 star family and went to bootcamp 3 times a week, followed the boot camp bible plan and lost 2 dress sizes!

Sarah Went From A Size 16 to 12!

By following the Boot Camp Bible diet she not only lost 16 inches from all over her body but she no longer suffers from migraines