3 Events To Aim For In 2012!

2012 is the year to aim high!

Last year a lot of you took on some big challenges with us but were setting the bar high for 2012! I am setting your 3 very different challenges to take part in. They are as follows:

Sport Relief, Mucky Races and Spartan! Now all 3 events can be achieved by ALL OF YOU!

The first challenge is Sport Relief. This takes place on Sunday 25th March in locations all over the country. With options of 1 mile, 3 miles or 6 miles there is a option for everyone. I have added a extra target for everyone too. 5 Star Boot Camps has pledged to raise £5000 for Sport Relief! We are looking for people to join our team and raise as much money as possible to see if we can reach our target. The more everyone raises the more the teams total goes up. To join your local race go to www.sportrelief.com and register for the race you want to do.

Once you have entered, log in to your giving page, you will see a button that says ‘team options’. Click to join a team and search ‘dan thompson’ or ‘boot camp’ then click to request to join the 5 Star Boot Camps team. Don’t search 5 star boot camps as for some reason you wont find it. As soon as you request to join the team i will get a email to say you want to join.

The second challenge is Mucky Races. This is the first adventure race we took part in and we have fallen in love with it ever since. Last year a massive crew of over 50 5 Star Bootcampers took part in the Guts ‘N’ Glory version back in November. There are 2 more races coming up in the Spring with the Sole Destroyer in Northampton on the 4th of March and The Gauntlet in Colchester on the 1st of April.

With options of 5km or 10km it is the perfect for first timers that our not sure and think they wont be able to do it. There will be plenty of us instructors taking part (you didn’t think we would let you have all the fun did you?) to help you around the course. To join either race go to www.muckyraces.co.uk to enter either race. The third challenge is the Spartan Race. This was by far my favorite race of 2011 and was surprising fun jumping through bales of fire, crawling under cargo nets in ice and completing the other obstacles along the way. You can see our previous efforts on another blog post Spartan Race in London 2011. This is also achievable by everyone. If anything the training you do a boot camp lends itself to this race the most.

There is a super sprint option in London on the 22nd July and is 5km with 20 obstacles to challenge you along the way. Again the instructors will be taking part so you have us to laugh at or try and beat? To join go to www.spartanrace.com to enter the London Super Sprint and ENTER THE 1PM WAVE.

5 Star Boot Camps has the following locations: Colchester, Ipswich, Mersea Island, Tonbridge, Bedford, St Albans and Harwich.
If you have any questions please post below and don’t forget to press the like, share and tweet buttons below to let everyone know!