Bedford Masked Charity Ball

Bedford Masked Charity Ball Raising Money For PSPA & MacIntyre Housing Association

Thank you for supporting Bedford 5 Star Fitness Camps and their attempt to take on the Virgin London Marathon 2013 in aid of PSP & Macintyre Housing Assocciation! The camps have 7 Team members running for PSP and 2 running for Macintyre Housing Association in this years run.

All funds raised from this event including ticket sales will go towards our team target of £14,000! It’s important we do everything we can to reach our target and here’s why;

PSP is caused by the progressive death of nerve cells in the brain, leading to difficulty with balance, movement, vision, speech and swallowing. It is so called because it’s: Progressive – it gets steadily worse over time Supranuclear – it damages parts of the brain above the pea-sized ‘nuclei’ that control eye movements a Palsy – it causes weakness PSP is associated with an over-production of a protein called tau in certain areas of the brain. In PSP, it forms into clumps – or neurofibrillary tangles – which are believed to damage nerve cells. There is nothing to suggest that the disease is inherited but research indicates that some people may have a genetic susceptibility that puts them more at risk of developing the condition than others. PSP is a rare condition. Research into the prevalence of the disease suggests that there are around 4,000 people in the UK living with the condition at any one time, though neurologists believe the figure could be as high as 10,000.

MacIntyre Housing Association provides a high-quality, specialist housing services to adults who need support. They provide a service to meet each person’s needs, often in partnership with others. They offer adults with learning difficulties a home. To have their own front door key and have support to live independently.


The Masked Ball

The Masked ball will be hosted by Bedford 5 Star Fitness Camps

Dress code – Black tie is encouraged, strictly no jeans or trainers.

Doors will open at 7pm for Early Evening welcome drinks in the beautifully set Marquee.

3 Course Meal – Throughout the meal there will be light entertainment and games before ending the evening with our spectacular charity auction.

End the night with a boogie on the dance floor courtesy of Bedford Dj Mr Miggs!

1 Ticket is £50


10 Tickets (1 Table) is £500


If you want to sit next to someone in particular or have any questions please call Kelly McCarthy on 07917587011

If you have any special dietary requirements please leave your details in the reply box on this page!


WHEN: Friday 22nd March 2013 –  7PM to Midnight

WHERE: Bedford Blues Marquee, Goldington Road, Bedford, MK40 3NF