Lean Green Drink Feature In Womens Health Magazine Reveiw

lean green drink feature in womens health magazine

You know when something is starting to go mainstream… when its featured in a magazine as HUGE as Women’s Health or Men’s Fitness.

Drop in to your local WHSmiths in the next day or two, and go to the Women’s Health magazine (April 2015 edition) on the shelves…

Leaf through the magazine to page 49. and you’ll see a short review on the best 10 Greens Powders.

You’ll see my favourite one at the bottom of the page, Lean Greens, which they describe as “The Bloat Banisher”

By now you’ll know I love Lean Greens, it’s definitely part of my morning ritual!

And you can get it direct from their website here:


Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this… but it’s my little secret tool for combatting the bloat when I’ve eaten something “not on plan”

I also find it absolutely essential if I start getting cravings for sweet stuff. It knocks those on the head pretty quick too.

Anyway go check out the magazine, and go check out Lean Greens online at www.leangreendrink.co.uk



P.S. If you’ve NEVER tried Lean Greens before, I’d strongly recommend their Starter Pack, which comes with a SmartShake shaker. And is backed by their 60 day taste guarantee too!