World War Run


Sean McNamee who runs our Harwich venue also runs the fast growing obstacle race company Pukka Races.

For the 2nd year Pukka Races will be putting on World War Run at East Grinstead, Sussex on Sunday July 5th 2015. Sean has agreed to give all 5 Star Boot Camps members discount entry to World War.

WORLD WAR RUN will take you through – mud pits you’ll ever jump in, hilly terrain, barbed wire crawls, 20+ obstacles, mustard smoke and our famous paintball gauntlet!

Every runner will receive…

  • Pukka Races Custom Medal
  • Pukka Races t-shirt
  • Goodie Bag

All you need to do is follow the instructions below to get entry for just £20 (Saving £15)

1 > Click the following link and you will be taken to the entry form to enter at

2 > Choose which distance you want to race. Choose the 5 mile or 10 mile standard entry.

3 > Enter your details. You do not need to enter a team or club as it will automatically add you to the ‘5 Star Boot Camps’ team.

4 > At the bottom of the entry form enter the code “5STAR” so the discount is applied.

Let me know once you have entered and I will give you a shout out on our main Facebook fan page for taking action.